Try everything, develop interest, then rehearse, refine and repeat.
At Andsoforth Academy, we want to build character, encourage creativity and allow self-discovery.

Technology is a double edged sword often becoming your child's nanny. With instant gratification at their finger tips, children find it difficult to try anything that could be worth their attention due  addiction to mobile devices. They have become less sociable, suffer from insomnia and the lack of human contact causes them to be anxious and depressed (Article).

With the growing addiction(necessity) of technology and screens, children and even adults have become less sociable,
lack empathy, and suffer from anxiety and depression. In 2018, a whopping 95 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds owned a smartphone,
up from only 29 per cent in 2008. Read more about phone addiction here: Article 1, Article 2 & Article 3.

We want to allow your child to explore and discover new interests.
They will learn how to engage in conversation, express emotions in performance,
be comfortable and confident with craft and hopefully become more sociable in and out of our innovative classroom environment.
These skills will be invaluable to their future as they transit life stages and are required to speak publicly, debate, hold meetings, get creative in difficult situations and be confident.

Our teachers are committed to giving your child a strong foundation in performance, craftsmanship, empathy and confidence.

"All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players" - William Shakespeare 
"Let us be better players to take on the world's stage." - Stuart Wee (Founder of ANDSOFORTH)